What Is Special About A Pilates Studio

So, say you have made the decision to take steps to live a healthier, more fit lifestyle and you decide to join a Pilates studio. It is important to note that Pilates is quite different from a regular gym. Let me prove it. If you walked down the streets of Melbourne or Brisbane and ask a few people why they go to the gym, you will find that a large number actually go in there for their cardiovascular health and a small percentage go in to build muscle tone. Pilates focuses more on the development of core strength, stability and good posture. The best thing about Pilates is that anyone regardless of age or gender can do it. This means that expectant women, senior citizens as well as sports people can benefit from a good Pilates program.

One of the main and biggest benefits associated with Pilates is a more efficient and graceful movement. Consistency in your new Pilates lifestyle will also result in improved strength and a leaner physique (which is why it is common with post-natal women). 

So, what exactly should you expect at a Pilates studio?

Pilates exercises can either be done on a mat with minimal equipment or none at all. However, if you are more experienced or need to undertake pilates for clinical reasons then you need to be taking advantage of specially designed equipment which is only available at pilates studios like this studio in South Melbourne. Most studios prefer to get their clients on the mat so that they can familiarise themselves with the poses and develop a good foundation and balance before moving them onto the more complicated looking reformer machines.

During your first visit, you will need to fill out a form so that the studio can have your details on file. Apart from this you will also need to disclose any injuries you may have suffered or any limitations such as pregnancy. This is vital and will enable your physical therapists to come up with an exercise program that will be tailored specifically for you.

Pilates is difficult and can prove to be very challenging if you take on the wrong program. Over time, it does get easier but in reality it is just you getting better at it. Keep in mind however if you are undertaking physiotherapy and they have suggested pilates that it is important to stick to the programme outlined for you. A good physiotherapist will often recommend strict physio programs to help you deal with back, knee or any other type of pain which you might be experiencing. If you are looking for a physio in South Melbourne then I would recommend this website, be sure to follow my advice above as it is important to follow the plans your physiotherapist lays out for you in order to achieve a timely recovery.

During sessions, a good instructor will demonstrate or suggest movements that might increase your level of difficulty. If you are just starting out, start with the easier options and focus on learning the right technique. This will enable your body to slowly adapt to the more difficult movements as time goes on.

Pilates has developed a following since it was introduced as a mainstream exercise program in the early 2000s. You should not feel convicted if you cannot match the person next to you in the studio. Keep in mind that everyone does not have the same level of experience when it comes to working out. The best thing to do is focus on yourself as you learn from the more experienced people.

Finally, it is always good practice to focus on your breathing and the specific muscles that you are keen on working on. Keep your breath smooth and listen to your instructor as he/she breathes. As a beginner, it is not easy to focus on your balance and breathing but the most important thing is to remain consistent in the program. It will take time but you will soon master the balance and breathing.