Patrick Dangerfield

My 'No Turning Back' Moment

Patrick Dangerfield
My 'No Turning Back' Moment

You’ve got a decision to make as a player.

Are you just going to be part of the competition?

Or are you going to step up and help shape it?

You need to be a dominant player within the league to shape it.

You need to be more than a contributor and not just another number.

You can’t expect to achieve great things if you’re not going to put yourself through the right processes and work your arse off.

For me, that was in my fourth year during pre-season and I just said ‘That’s it, throughout the off season I’m going to run every second day and give it all that I can give’.

It was a light bulb moment.

I’m going to make this happen now.

I’m not going to be patient.

I want my performance to be really meaningful, every game.

I’m going to be the best in the competition and I knew I had the potential to do it.

At that moment, it was now or never.

There was No Turning Back.

Nike recently launched a new campaign calling on youth to play like there is ‘No Turning Back’, and celebrate the joy and creativity of playing sport. It has been designed to challenge Australians to change their current perceptions of sport, and reawaken their love for competing.

Photo courtesy of the AFL Players Association

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